Delinquency Management Services

Delinquency causes untold suffering mainly to the lending institution. These include slowing portfolio
rotation, delayed earnings, increase in collection costs, decreasing operating spreads, causing lending
programme to lose credibility, threatens long-term institutional viability, loan loss provision, loss of non-
recoverable portion of the outstanding loan, written off loans require DE capitalisation of the institution
among others

Delinquency is the situation that occurs when loan payments are past due. It can also be referred to as
arrears, overdue or late payments, which measures the percentage of a loan portfolio at risk.

In today's competitive world, where providing world-class service to Clients at an affordable cost is a
pre-requisite, outsourcing has become the need of the day. NeoLotex, with its Dialer integrated –
Analytical Call Center Solution, will facilitate delinquency management services for your complete loan
portfolio. Let it be vehicle, SME, Housing, Mortgage, Hypothecation or JLG loan, we leverage our
expertise to prevent it moving to NPA stage and enforce on time collection.

Both BFSI & NBFC do call their overdue customer as part of the risk monitoring. We at NeoLotex, keep it
a step ahead by calling the Field Officers (referred to as CO, FO, RO, CRE etc.) and review each and every
overdue accounts. Constant reviews keeps collection officers liable for the overdue cases, which in turn
change their working culture and seriousness of the job. Dishonored commitments are escalated to the
reporting officers to avoid further false assurances.

It is observed that both internal & external causes can lead to delinquency. Internal causes refers to the
aspects such as failure to adhere to set out lending policies, Improper appraisal techniques by lending
officers, Deficient analysis of project viability etc.. External causes can be the changes in government
policies, individual crisis, natural disasters, state of economy etc. In addition to enforcing on time
collection, we bring in the visibility in terms of the actual reasons of delinquency. With this, controllable
issues such as internal causes can be brought to minimum level by implementing necessary control
measures at various level.


  • Prevent NPA
  • Keep the collection team responsible for the overdue
  • Best of customer care professionals
  • Predictive dialing, PC-Based Telephony, Call Processing features
  • Call Recording, Monitoring and Conferencing
  • Highly systemized and professional style of working.
  • Reduce and control operating costs.
  • Excellent quality and consistency.
  • Zero over-heads on Delinquency Management within your organization.
  • No cost overruns; since the entire service will be operating on a fixed charge basis.

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