Whatever the scale of your operations or Business Processes, doQman is equipped to handle a wide variety of business process used throughout your company with ease. doQman’s capability incorporates configurable workflows (BPM) and helps you achieve efficient document transaction and collaboration. doQman is suitable for any organization where volumes of documents need to be collected, processed, warehouse and retrieved. Best fitted for Banks, NBFC’s, Telecom, Hospitals, Insurance, Manufacturing etc to meet their day today business process in centralized or de- centralized model.

How It Works

Key Benefits

  • Centralized/Distributed repository and database, with worldwide access through internet
  • Effective tracking/warehousing/retrieval of hard copies using barcode mechanism
  • Data Encryption
  • Configurable workflow
  • Locate Document/Records/Files electronically through a powerful search engine
  • Extensive audit trail facility can be used for monthly MIS reports on file activity
  • Automated Load Balance
  • Integration with core business system like ERP,CRM, Core Banking etc.

Extra’s in doQman

  • Support all kind of Documents like PDF,TIFF, JPEG, DOC, XLSX ,PPT etc
  • OCR
  • Digital Signature
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Full text Search Engine
  • Integrated Configurable Workflow.
  • Supports Guided and Form Level Data Entry.
  • Annotations, Tagging, Highlighting etc.
  • Document Tagging
  • Dashboard’s
  • Quality Legend analyzer
  • Export the data to different formats like Excel , CSV , Delimited etc
  • Image Enhancement
  • Integration with Standard Masters
  • Version control on documents

Success Story

One of the leading NBFCs having 3000+ agents across pan India facing collection data visibility issue and high operational cost. In addition, challenges are listed down,

  • Managing 3000 disconnected agents
  • Delay in Deposit
  • Cash Risk in Field
  • Leave Data Management
  • Document Collection like RC Book, Insurance etc.
  • Receipts Cancellation flow issue
  • Receipt Book Management
  • Agent patrolling