Scanning Services

Paper Document is still an indispensable part of our daily corporate life. Working with
physical documents/ papers has got multiple challenges. What we essentially lose is time,
money and resources. Making the move to a digital organization is not always simple, so you’ll
need the right people to guide you along the way. Thankfully, the advent of technology and
skilled labor, can convert all of your paper documents into a digital format through document
scanning services.

Document scanning and imaging can speed up the ability to share, access and process
documents. Digitizing your paper-based storage systems future proofs your archives, making
you more secure, compliant and productive. We relish a challenge, so if you have an issue, an
idea or roadmap to fulfil, you’ll get a timely and cost-effective solution
At NeoLotex we digitize your documents using leading-edge image processing and data
extraction technologies. This provides you with secure, quick, user-friendly access to
information. This is underpinned by our wide experience in processing essential, often sensitive,
documents for clients in regulated environments. We follow a stringent 8 steps rule to an
effective scanning viz. Inwarding Customer Document, Preparation of document for scanning,
Scanning, Image Processing/enhancement, Indexing, Tagging and Submission.
Backlog scanning, day forward scanning and scan-on-demand requirements are all supported
by us, to help you transform your business operations.


  • Improve records traceability and security
  • Reduce costs and free-up space – eliminating the requirement for physical storage,
    which means less money spent on storing and managing physical documents
  • Readily accessible information – using automated workflows which can be accessed by
    authorized users anytime
  • Enhanced disaster recovery management

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