Technology Enabled Data Entry Services

NeoLotex is a well-accepted and appreciated name across the sector for its timely and accurate
Data Entry Service. While Data Entry could be a very mundane task, NeoLotex has taken it to a new
dimension, through its exciting process and innovative technology. The proprietary software of Lotex
has not only made the work interesting but it has also made it faster and more accurate,
rendering our client a low TCO and high ROI. We have proven expertise in delivering innovative
and value added Data Management Services across BFC, NBFC, Microfinance, Telecomm,
Insurance, Education and Healthcare domains. Our comprehensive suite of services is
delivered through a combination of domain knowledge, practical and relevant technology,
internal competence building and strategic enterprise partnerships resulting in superior business
for our clients.

As business grows, the requirement of data entry and processing increases exponentially. In
order to ensure that the quality of data is good and reliable, and that the data entry process is
efficient, it is essential to follow certain basic ways that optimize the process. NeoLotex ensure
the data quality by reducing the data redundancy, carrying out data profiling and enabling
automation wherever possible.. Further, to emphasis the importance of data they are entering,
we make our team understand how inaccurate entries affect the business. We believe that such
measures make employees more responsible and effective as they know the relevance and
importance of their job.

Our success in building sustainable client relationships is based on our ability to leverage
industry experience, high quality processes, people management capabilities with quick turn-
around-time and total commitments to every client needs. We have young and dynamic minds ,
working unison to ensure a timely deliverance of quality services within the budget of our clients.

  • Data Accessible from any place at any given time
  • It hеlрѕ in cutting down expenses in ореrаtiоnѕ.
  • Improved work efficiency and productivity
  • Increased reliability and security

Satisfied Clients