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Our comprehensive document management solution provides you with effortless data capture and impenetrable security.

KAREDOCS: A One-stop Solution to streamline HR Functions!

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Why is effective document management important?

Organizations today are increasingly data-driven and rely on information to conduct their businesses but data stored on paper requires a large amount of physical space for safe storage that can prove to be unsafe and expensive. In addition to this, there is also the risk of loss of data and incomplete information capture that can directly affect productivity. To ensure greater control, easier access, and efficient processing; a document management tool is essential and a must-have for every business in today’s digitally dependent world. An effective file management software provides your company with a host of benefits like increased productivity, lower costs, and better backup.

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Document Mangement software

KareDocs is a one-of-a-kind multipurpose tool that offers a comprehensive, centralized, and structured file management process for well-organized data storage and exchange. Our cutting-edge technological solutions offer end-to-end and all-inclusive document management systems that provide your business with competent information handling solutions. An innovative and intuitive file management tool at its core, KareDocs is the perfect folder storage system to break down unsecured organizational silos and seamlessly process information electronically for better productivity. Versatile in nature, this software can be used as document management software for lawyers, legal file management software, document management software for real estate, and much more.

Technical Features of KAREDOCS


Our document management software offers a specially developed AI-based intelligent file extraction method irrespective of format or type for unified and smooth data retrieval from both structured and unstructured data types!

Supports Across Platform and Devices

Seamlessly and quickly access your important files with KareDocs folder management system software that effortlessly works with different operating systems and devices without any glitches or hiccups!

Role-Based Access Control

Give your employees access to your stored data based on their position and position type with the proprietary role-based access control provided by the KareDocs document management software!

Integrated Dashboard

With the specialized and customized integrated dashboard for different roles, the information and status of your organization’s data can be easily viewed via a user-friendly format!

Customized Data Indexing and Tagging

KareDocs is one of the most reliable document management systems in India and globally that offers dynamic information capture functionality to create your own custom data files and tagging option for faster and specific information retrieval!

Integration with Core Business Systems like ERP, CRM, etc.

Our folder management services integrate with other core solutions like ERP, CRM, etc to provide you with a single unified workflow solution that seamlessly interacts with one another to remove redundancy, making your operations faster!

Cloud Storage and Access

Access and store files of any size from anywhere on the globe anytime you want with our fast and secure cloud storage.

Powerful and Exhaustive Search Engine

KareDocs file management tool lets you search for documents using metadata, metatags, or any keyword for quick access and use. What else would be an effective way to filter just the information you need!

Bulk Document Scanning and Storage

Scan and store bulk documents spontaneously with KareDocs folder management tool. KareScan, our cutting-edge document imaging software module of KareDocs offers a one-of-a-kind integrated scan solution that is compatible with both Windows and Linux!

Image Enhancement

API for third-party application

Configurable for single-sign-on

Version control on documents

Easy compatibility to any IT Ecosystem

Image augmentation from existing source to KareDocs

Annotations, Highlighting, Data Masking, Indexing, and Tagging

Extensive audit trail facility for MIS reports on any DMS activity


additional features

Digital Signature

Configurable for single-sign-on

Easy compatibility to any IT Ecosystem

Extensive audit trail facility for MIS reports on any DMS activity

Annotations, Highlighting, Data Masking, Indexing, and Tagging

Image augmentation from existing source to KareDocs

Image Enhancement

API for third-party application

Version control on documents


Got a Question?

Document management systems (DMS) are used to track, store, retrieve, and manage documents. They also reduce paper. Many systems can keep track of all versions and modifications made by different users (history monitoring).

Paper documents require physical space, are inherently not secure by design, and are not protected against damage. A good web-based document software helps organize all of your data in one place, speed up your flow of work, keep critical data secure and protected, improve accuracy in data collection, and provide access to documents at any time from any part of the world.

Some of the great benefits of file management are:

  • Centralized storage and accumulation of important documents in one place for improved communication, collaboration, and information access.
  • Efficient data handling and extraction with almost no error for better productivity, and reduced reworking.
  • Helps to maintain document versions, cuts down on emails, and provides you with role-based control over information access. 
  • Accelerate review and process cycles with documents automatically moving from one stage to the next for minimized project delays.

Efficient management of files not only saves time and money but also makes them easily accessible when your organization would need them the most. These incredible file management tips will help you keep your files accessible and keep them better managed:

  • Follow a consistent and standard file naming convention.
  • Store all your folders in one place.
  • Create a main folder based on data type and then nest similar files in them.
  • Back up documents regularly.
  • Store your program files in the default installation folders of your system.

With a good document management system like KareDocs, you can effortlessly manage all your data without having to take the trouble to do so manually.

Some of the best file management system examples: 


A proficient, multipurpose, and cost-effective document management system; KareDocs offers a wide range of comprehensive and unique features like an AI-based intelligent document extraction process known as IDP, integrated scan solutions that are compatible with both Windows and Linux, XML storing method for improved security, digital signatures, other system compatibility or integration with core business systems, image augmentation from existing sources, and more.

Microsoft SharePoint

A universally known data management system, Microsoft SharePoint allows organizations, store data, access files from any device, and manage information.  

Rubex by eFileCabinet

A low-cost offering by eFileCabinet, Rubex is an all-in-one document storage system that manages your data effectively.

M-Files: One among the most well-known data management systems for enterprise content management, M-Files is especially known for its ease on the interface.

VIENNA Advantage Community: VIENNA Advantage Community is a free open source document management system that was specially developed for developers and small businesses.

Document management software is a modern paperless solution to the age-old method of storing physical data. Information stored in such a way is vulnerable to theft, damage, and incorrect data documentation. Some of the functions of a document management system are cloud-based centralized storage of electronic documents, streamlined search and retrieval process, enhanced document security features, and smooth sharing of data. KareDocs is a competent and well-organized document management system that stores your data efficiently to break down cumbersome organizational silos.

Some of the different types of document management systems are: 

  • Content Management System: A content management system or web content management system pertains to the creation, modification, organization, and sharing of web content.
  • Workflow Management System: Any software that helps an organization manage routine business procedures for smooth functioning and improved functioning.
  • Record Management System: A subcategory of document management system, record management system maintains records in data-based industries like legal, and healthcare.
  • Document Imaging System: The process by which paper documents are converted into digital or electronic format is known as document imaging. An important requirement in industries that still rely on paper-based information transactions, document imaging systems capture data efficiently and keep them secure.
  • Enterprise Content Management System: Enterprise content management systems help businesses get rid of paper trails and digitize data collection.

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KareDocs file management tool lets you search for documents using metadata, metatags, or any keyword for quick access and use. What else would be an effective way to filter just the information you need!
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