Gone are those days when filing systems in any organisation used to consist of a dingy room with dusty cabinets full of files and documents. In the present era, most companies use document management software to store important data in the form of electronic media.

Okay, so what is a document management system?

A document management solution or folder management system software is a powerful and comprehensive system that captures, stores, and tracks electronic data for easier access, centralised storage, streamlined search, easier retrieval, and much more!

Right, how does a file management system work?

A folder storage system works by capturing the data, storing it, and then organising it for easy retrieval or distribution.

1. Data Capture

Any good document management tool must have the ability to collect information from all sources possible. Some of the ways in which information capture happens are:

2. Data Storage

The final part of this process is the organisation of data. Depending on the type of information stored, a document management software will then organise it on that basis for quick and seamless access at any given point in time. Another important aspect of this is data distribution which can be of 2 types:

3. Data Organisation and Distribution

The next step in the working process of folder management services is to store the captured data in a structured and organised format for easy access. With the advent of technology, we have many intuitive programs that comprehensively store data with the help of features like indexing, metadata, tags, and much more. Storage then happens in several forms like complete cloud-based, hybrid model, and locally placed hardware systems.

Okay, now which folder management system should I use for my company?

Worry not for we have just the perfect option for you! Presenting our latest product offering called KareDocs Document Management System that is specially designed to provide you with a centralised, efficient, and data-driven solution to break down the existing cumbersome organisational silos. With the help of our file management tool, you can accelerate review process cycles for faster communication and collaboration, lower costs significantly, gain company-wide visibility with easier access, impenetrable security, and more.

Some of the features of KareDocs is:

  • IDP: Intelligent and instinctive document extraction smoothly irrespective of structured or unstructured data types.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Data access to users based on their role or position type.
  • Integrated Scan Solutions: Proprietary scanning solution that is compatible with both Windows and Linux to save capital expenditure.
  • Integrated Dashboard: User-friendly dashboard that lets users access information in a straightforward format based on the different roles.
  • Cloud Storage and Access: State-of-the-art cloud storage that can be easily accessed all around the globe at any given day and time.

Our cutting-edge document management software also has several other features like Digital Signature, Image Augmentation, Extensive Audit Trail Facility, Version Control on Documents, etc.

Fast track your way into a completely paperless business model with our sophisticated and superior file management tool!

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