Are you a business and have many documents to manage? Find it hard to keep track of different documents, and having problems sharing it across teams? Then here is the perfect solution for your problems: The Document management system. A document management system is a combination of software and processes to manage and handle documents across the company, making it easy to categorize, store, retrieve and share documents across platforms. Such a system makes life easy removing unnecessary human effort and intervention, making the work of keeping track of documents efficient and quick. This system helps to organize all documents in an orderly fashion that can be accessed by the required personnel. This is a must-have system for any business to manage documents efficiently. Why Document Management System? Document Management system (DMS) is the most efficient, cost-effective and easy system to use for managing all your business documents. There are many advantages to this DMS and it makes business functions easy and automated. Some of the benefits of DMS that give an idea of why such a system must be required by businesses. • Organized, efficient, automated functions, that remove the need for human intervention creating an error-free process. • When many different documents need to be moved around the company for review/ Approval, DMS comes to the rescue by integrating the documents across platforms for the company where access sharing can be given immediately to the right people, and all of this happens through software at the click of an icon. • The DMS is a compact system that has many features which are customizable to deal with all problems arising at an ops level DMS Systems: doQman DMS: We have looked at what is a document management system and why it is required or rather a critical component of businesses. Now we can understand what are the different DMS available and what are the features that make up a DMS: Multipl

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