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Your business may have started small and at that time storing all your organisational data in a filing cabinet and locally might have seemed like a rather cost-effective option. However, a large volume of important information on paper or within internal systems poses a lot of risks like lowered security, loss of data, difficult retrieval for later use, and process inefficiency. This is where folder management system software comes into play! Featuring advanced storage features like effortless information retrieval, centralised governance, lower operations cost, and impenetrable security; a document management system breaks down organisational silos and provides an innovative data-driven solution for your company. 

While all kinds of enterprises will benefit from a folder storage system, certain types have a greater need for it. Some of these businesses are:

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have to usually deal with a mountain of paperwork that can be difficult to store, process, and further retrieves when required. Since the data stored in these kinds of organisations have information of a personal nature the threat of a breach is always a dangerous possibility. By using a document management solution, insurance companies can optimise their workflow, manage it better, distribute it as per the requirement, and also maintain the various versions of a document.


The healthcare industry in general usually has a lot of medical documents along with the personal information of patients that need to be accessed by a lot of people. Hospitals always aim to provide the best quality of service which can be tricky without an efficient document management tool. With a good file management system, hospitals can enhance data retrieval with increased security features to prevent leaking of any information, store a larger volume of records seamlessly, avoid any human errors in filing, and ensure proper compliance with the regulations in place.

Legal Firms

When we think of law firms we imagine a dusty room full of files and books. However, this is not the situation in the present era! A structured and comprehensive file management process is an essential part of any modern legal agency as it helps in managing high volume information, securing client information, and keeping a track of data shared from various sources like e-mails, etc. A folder management system software also allows for centralised data storage for better recordkeeping and to generate insights easily on the progress of any case.

Courier Companies

Shipping companies need folder management services to provide their customers with tracking information and other particulars. Doing this without web-based document software can be very tedious to do so. By using a specially adapted DMS system known as courier management software with special features to store logistical data, shipping or courier companies can effortlessly keep a record of consignments, packing slips, tracking information, invoices, and more.


Yes, start-ups can benefit tremendously from folder management services. By not building a large repository of paper-based documents at the beginning, entrepreneurs can ensure better data storage at significantly, lesser processing, and reduced costs with potential for accelerated growth. Document management solutions also enable business owners to put in their efforts where required and focus on other important challenges.

Any type of enterprise in the present era requires some kind of software to help manage their data better. Not only are there many benefits to getting one but also an incomparable peace of mind for the business owner.

Are you on a search for a good document management service to suit your business needs? Be it any of the above-mentioned types of organisations or something else altogether, we have got your back! KareDocs document management system is our latest offering that can be used for all kinds of business needs! With a large number of unique features like role-based access control, metadata and OCR search, token-based authentication, image augmentation from existing sources, integration with core business systems, physical or XML storing method; our file management software is a great fit for your company’s data organisation needs!

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